Estudiantes Internacionales

Fact Sheet - UM


Name of Institution
Coordinator Director of International Office, Ruth LEITON /
Office Address Boulogne Sur Mer 683
Telephone Number / Fx Number +54 261 4202017 option.377 / +56261 422017 option 9
Other Contact Person Inbound: Mariela PEREYRA: or // Outbound: Paula VAZQUEZ VIERA: or // Program courses and Language Courses: Jerónimo FORMICA: or


First Semester Second Semester
Orientation Week 1º semester: 1st week of March Orientation Week 2º semester: last week of July
Suggested Arrival Date 1º semester: 1st week of March Suggested Arrival Date 2º semester: last week of July
Other Contact Person 1º semester: Last week of June Term Dates 2º semester: last week of November
Examination Periods 1º semester: 1st week of July / last week of July Examination Periods 2º semester: 2 and 3 week of December
Term Breaks 1º semester: From July 9 to July 25 Term Breaks 2º semester: From December 23 to January 30


Application deadline Nomination Deadline First Semester: From August 15 to October 15 Second Semester: From February 15 to April 15 Minimum GPA Requirement 8 (grade scale 1 to 10)
Required application documents onal/studying-at-the-um/calls.html Students’s citizenship Students should not be citizens or permanent residents of the country of their home university
Language Requirements Spanish B1/2 Name of the nearest Airport Arrange airport transfers service for exchange student International Airport: Gobernador Francisco Gabrielli No, but we can help arrange a transfer if the student needs it. The airport is close to the city and it is very easy to get a taxi there.


Application deadline Nomination Deadline School of Law and Social Sciences: + Attorney-at-law + Notary Public+ Court Agent School of Architecture, Urban Planning and Design: o Architecture + Graphic Design + Interior Design + Costume and Textile Design + Ba. of Design School of Health Sciences: o Dentistry + Ba. of Psychology + Ba. of Kinesiology + Nutrition School of Economic Sciences: - Public Accountant - Ba. of Business Administration - Hospitality School of Engineering: - Bioengineering - Industrial Engineering - Electronic Engineering - Computer Science Engineering - Information Technology Engineering - Technical Degree in Web Applications Programing - Technical Degree in Videogames Developing School of Medicine - Medicine
The principal language of instruction Spanish Number of Weeks of Study per semester 18 weeks of study per semester (from March to June / From August to November)
Courses offered in English Short programs are offer in English and exchange students are allowed to take them but they have a fee. Language Facilities and Support - Spanish course for foreign students (deferents levels and duration, depending on the students need) - English, Italian, Portuguese and French courses for all students and general public. - Pedagogical assistance
Minimum course/ unit load per semester Minimum 2 course Course Syllabus (website)
Number of Hours per Week per Course Depends on the course, they can have from 4 to 8 hours. Tuition Fee for international Student per semester (for our reference) There is no fee for international students if the agreement signed between universities specifies it. Only hort programs and language courses have a fee that is very low for students.


NP No cursó, no completo el cursado /Not completed, not credit is awared. (6) Seis/ Six 60% - 64% Aprobado/ Approved
(0) Cero/Zero 0% - 12% Desaprobado/Fail (7) Siete/ Seven 65% - 74 % Aprobado/ Approved
(2) Dos/Two 13% - 24% Desaprobado/Fail (8) Ocho/ Eight 75% - 84% Aprobado/ Approved
(3) Tres/Three 25% - 35 % Desaprobado/Fail (9) Nueve/ Nine 85% - 94% Aprobado/ Approved
(4) Cuatro/Four 36% - 47% Desaprobado/Fail (10) Diez/ Ten 95% - 100% Aprobado/ Approved
(5) Cinco/Five 48% - 59% Desaprobado/Fail


Off-campus Housing Yes
Fees and Method of Payment Credit card or cash
Meal Plan (if available) Only if the student have received an scholarship from UM
Move in/out date 1st Semester: from March to July 2nd Semester: From the end of July to the end of December
Facilities: Internet connection, Wi-Fi, Kitchen, air conditioner etc Depending on the option choose by the student, but usually residences and departments have all the services included in the cost
Housing Website


MANDATORY HEALTH / medical Insurance

We require student to have an insurance plan with comparable health coverage.
It’s mandatory that students have an insurance plan during their mobility.


Academic Expenses (e.g. books) per semester AR$ 500 (U$D 30)
Transportation AR$ 500 (U$D 30)
Other Housing AR$ 3500 (U$D 200)